Indian KakatiyaRudreswara Temple Now UNESCO Heritage Site:-

Indian KakatiyaRudreswara Temple Now UNESCO Heritage Site:-
28/07/2021 No Comments Trending Krishna Kumar
  • Telangana state ,Kakatiya Rudreshwara Temple, is Now UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Great history made by UNESCO World Heritage Committee in 44th session .
  • It Gets 39th World Heritage Site WIth First In Telangana state.

Temple Specification:

  • The temple complexes of Kakatiyas have a distinct style, technology and decoration exhibiting the influence of the Kakatiyan sculptor.
  • The temple stands on a six feet high star-shaped platform with walls, pillars and ceilings.
  • Ramappa temple, a 13th century engineering marvel named after its architect, Ramappa, was proposed by the government as its only nomination for the UNESCO World Heritage site tag for the year 2019.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi:

“on it’s tweet, Mr Modi said, the iconic Ramappa Temple showcases the outstanding craftsmanship of great Kakatiya dynasty.”

‘He urged everyone to visit this majestic Temple complex and get a first-hand experience of it’s grandness.’

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Culture and Tourism Minister G Kishan Reddy said, On behalf of the nation, particularly from people of Telangana, he thanked Prime Minister Modi for his guidance and support.

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