Startup News IPO(Initial Public Offering) See Advantages of unicorn list

Startup News IPO(Initial Public Offering) See Advantages of unicorn list
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A great Startup News in the IPO(Initial Public Offering) See Advantages after in unicorn list

A Company is to be Part of private firm. After making Public Share holder be a part.

What Is IPO and Startup News , IPO, Advantages of unicorn list :-

It is the process of offering shares of a private organization to the public in a new stock issuance.

Public share issuance allows a company to raise capital from public investors.

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It allows public investors to participate in the offering.

Companies hire investment banks to market, gauge demand, set the IPO price and date, and more.

How IPO Work:-

As a company reaches in its growth process where it believes it is mature enough for the rigors of SEC regulations Along with Pubic Share holders.

After getting Company Unicorn Status up to $1B.

An IPO is a big step for a company as it provides the company with access to raising a lot of money. This gives the company a greater ability to grow and expand.

After IPO Share Privately Ownership convert in to the Publicly Ownership..

private to public is a key time for private investors to cash in and earn the returns they were expecting. Private shareholders may hold onto their shares in the public market or sell a portion or all of them for gains.

IPO market get Opportunity to the Million Of share holder in equity.

IPO History:

By offering shares of the Dutch East India Company.

IPO have been used as a way for companies to raise capital from public investors through the Issue.

Advantages Of IPO:

  1. A company access to investment to Rise Capital.
  2. Facilitates easier acquisition deals (share conversions). easier to establish the value of an acquisition target if it has publicly listed shares.
  3. Public companies can attract skilled employees through liquid stock equity participation.

IPO Listing 2021 :

Company NameListing DateIssue Price (Rs)Listing Day – Close Price (Rs)Listing Day Gain / Loss (%)Current Price
at BSE (Rs)
Current Price
at NSE (Rs)
Gain / Loss (%)
Rolex Rings LimitedAug 09, 202190017.15-98.0917.15-98.09
Tatva Chintan Pharma Chem LtdJul 29, 202110832310.25113.322078.22079.291.89
Zomato LimitedJul 23, 202176125.8565.59130.45130.671.64
Glenmark Life Sciences LimitedAug 06, 2021720748.23.92736.9736.852.35
Clean Science and Technology LtdJul 19, 20219001585.276.131602.051602.478.01
G R Infraprojects LimitedJul 19, 20218371746.8108.71609.31609.7592.27
India Pesticides LimitedJul 05, 2021296343.1515.93323.15323.059.17
Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences LimitedJun 28, 2021825995.920.721226.248.63
Dodla Dairy LimitedJun 28, 2021428609.142.31598.9599.639.93
Sona BLW Precision Forgings LimitedJun 24, 2021291362.8524.69480.05477.864.97
POWERGRID Infrastructure Investment TrustMay 14, 2021100102.982.98120.4520.45
Shyam Metalics and Energy LimitedJun 24, 2021306375.8522.83421.9542237.89
Macrotech Developers LimitedApr 19, 2021486463.15-4.7858.4858.4576.63
Barbeque Nation Hospitality LimitedApr 07, 2021500590.418.081100.91103.15120.18
Suryoday Small Finance Bank LtdMar 26, 2021305276.2-9.44190.2189.95-37.64
Kalyan Jewellers India LimitedMar 26, 20218775.3-13.4566.966.85-23.1
Anupam Rasayan India LimitedMar 24, 2021555525.9-5.24709.9709.627.91
Laxmi Organic Industries LimitedMar 25, 2021130164.626.62272.55272.65109.65
Craftsman Automation LimitedMar 25, 202114901433-3.832000.92001.834.29
Nazara Technologies LimitedMar 30, 202111011576.843.221729.651729.557.1
Easy Trip Planners LimitedMar 19, 2021187208.311.39492.75492.2163.5
MTAR Technologies LimitedMar 15, 20215751082.2588.221243.11243.35116.19
Heranba Industries LimitedMar 05, 2021627812.2529.55815.3815.5530.03
Nureca LimitedFeb 25, 2021400666.6566.661644.71641.6311.18
Brookfield India Real Estate TrustFeb 16, 2021275269.96-1.83274-0.36
Stove Kraft LimitedFeb 05, 2021385445.9515.83793.1792106
Home First Finance Company India Ltd.Feb 03, 2021518527.41.81572.3573.1510.48
Indigo Paints LimitedFeb 02, 202114903118.65109.312516.22511.968.87
Antony Waste Handling Cell LimitedJan 01, 2021315407.2529.29335.3335.156.44
Indian Railway Finance Corporation LimitedJan 29, 20212624.85-4.4223.5523.55-9.42
RailTel Corporation of India LimitedFeb 26, 202194121.429.15135.3135.1543.94

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