LANI ZENA from Puducherry made her Career as Motor Biker Follow history :-

LANI ZENA from Puducherry made her Career as Motor Biker Follow history :-
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A Great Lady LANI ZENA Makes her self as a history maker to rise women empower.


“Do you know that feeling of butterflies tingling in your stomach when you do something you love so
much ? It’s a mix of so many emotions – happiness, excitement, anxiety, a tinge of fear and most
importantly, a sense of purpose. Isn’t that the most amazing feeling in the whole world? I got this
feeling once in my life and I set out to explore it.”

 In 2018, she took part in the TVS One-Make Championship and also made news in the biking community when she raced with a broken finger.

Idea Comes From:

When sitting o her dad’s garage watching him assemble this classic beauty & realize that all assemble our lives the same way.

Her Feeling of engine came to life one summer morning. when her dad was racing Go Karts and she was just a 5 year old cheering him excitedly.

Racing Journey:

Her feeling like

‘On the day of the race, I was supposed to be at the track by 6, and I couldn’t sleep the previous night
as I was so excited! I was the first person there and started observing everything around me. I was
terrified and had chills down my spine every single minute I was there. At the same time, the track
felt like home to me. There was an inexplicable happiness.It was the first time I ever wore a racing
suit! I wasn’t really looking forward to getting selected, I just wanted to ride on the track once.”

‘On the final day of the selections I got qualified at 8th place out of 16 riders. Looking at how I had
aced the competition without any prior experience in racing, my parents warmed up to the idea of
me racing motorcycles. My parents have never regretted that decision and have always been
supportive ever since.’

“I got into the One Make championship, but was skeptical about my next move. During the second
rounds practice session, I was completely out of my element. I kept crashing during all the laps and
my confidence started to wear off. I started the selections at the grid completely worn down and
frantic. The pressure started building in my head and the only thing I could concentrate on was the
crushing realization that I was completely unprepared. Through a mutual friend, I met this person
called Hanif. He coached car races and was ready to help me with my championship. When I met
him, he asked me what I expected from him and I told him that I wanted to get on the winner’s
podium atleast once.’

Golden Step Rise Statement:

‘Under the helmet is where I heard my calling – it gave me a sense of purpose. It took me 20 years to
figure out that the butterflies I felt every time I rode a bike was nothing but the passion clawing
inside of me. It was my heart telling me that I was meant to do this. It was the universe urging me to
follow my heart – my passion. Just like assembling a bike together, I pieced together my experiences
to discover what my passion is. She is my Passion!’
“Tomorrow, when pictures of my best races hang proudly on the walls and the trophies lose its
sheen, the feeling of fear, joy, doubt, and butterflies I have experienced on the wheels is something
that shall burn the brightest in my heart. I am sure each and everyone of you have found your calling
in your life. Follow it. Don’t let it pass you by because these experiences you have today becomes the
stories you tell tomorrow”

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