History and Invention of computer technology with its uses

History and Invention of computer technology with its uses
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To know the History and Invention of computer technology with its uses for daily and future life.

the utility of computers increased in our life and very dependent on computers. A few years ago,the use of computers was limited, now it has become compulsory in every field. Now any kind of automation task is not possible without computer.

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“Necessity is the mother of invention.” This saying fits well with the invention of the computer. History of computer in Hindi.

About computer technology :

Computer is an electronic device which works like a magical device in our life. Today, we can book tickets for any travel, transfer money from banks, do online purchases, do any tough calculations, or do any office work, all with the help of computers.. In today’s date computer is not an option but has become a mandatory part of life.

The history of the invention and improvement of computers is more than 2500 years old.

History and Invention of computer technology :

On hearing the name of the computer, the question often comes in our mind that who invented the computer and thinking about what? So let’s try to understand the history and development of computer.

Abacus :
The first Abacus device was invented in China around 600 BC to calculate. Abacus is also known as Soroban (Soroban). With the help of this device, mathematical operations can be solved easily without copy, pen or calculator.

John Napier’s Bone :
This instrument was invented in the early seventeenth century. Napier bones are sticks made of bones, ivory or metal. On which numbers are written. This device is also called card board multiplication calculator.

Pascaline :
In 1942, French Mathematician Blaise Pascal designed a mechanical calculating machine. Which was called ‘Adding Machine’. This machine only calculates addition and subtraction.

Reckoning Machine :
The German mathematician and philosopher ‘Beren Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz’ prepared a developed form. Which could perform the operations of addition, subtraction as well as multiplication and division. This developed device was called ‘Reckoning Machine’.

Keyboard Machine
Around 1980, the keyboard machine was developed in the United States of America. In this, the keyboard was used to give data and instructions. Even today the keyboard is being used very effectively.

Hollerith Census Tabulator :
Hermann Hollerith built a new machine to complete the work of census to be done in America in 1890 AD at a fast pace. In which punch cards were used. This machine was named Hollerith Census Tabulator.

Operational Model of Analytical Engine
After Charles Babbage, his colleague Ada Agusta (Ada Augusta) took this work forward and prepared a working model of ‘Analytical Engine’. Which was also implemented by itself. For this he had to store a set of instructions.

computer technology with its uses of different sector :

Science and research :

Today when everything is done by computer, it is not possible to think of science without technology and computers. Even before computer invention, work has been done on science, but when computers were invented, the immense possibilities of science and technology made it possible to do everything in every filed by doing this. Much in science depends on data collection, interpretations and experiments. If you want to do any kind of experiment, then equipment will be needed for it and the most basic equipment is computers and software.

Hospitals and Health Management Sector:

The use of computer technology is progressing very fast in the field of health along with other sectors and new tools and software are being created for health care. Today most of all medical information has been digitized. Diseases are being detected with the help of computer and software and treatment plans are prepared for them. Computers are used in health research, disease detection, operations and surgery.

E-commerce and online marketing sector :

After the advent of computers, there was a huge boom in e-commerce or online marketing. Till a few years ago, we could not even imagine that we can buy any kind of salmon sitting at home, but today, from small items of the house to big and big needs, we buy online shopping from computers. can do. According to a survey online shopping industry is growing every year with 20-25% growth. the History and Invention of computer technology with its uses for daily and future life.

Education sector :

Now that computer is playing a big role everywhere, it has become necessary for everyone to learn computer. That is why now computers are taught in all schools and colleges and different technologies are also taught using computers. With the help of computer, whether a small child has to learn paint brush or poem or a college student has to learn animation course, computer helps a lot. The use of computers in education is not limited to teaching computers only, but its use is increasing in all types of education teaching.Whether it is electrical science or automobile, whether it is space research or software courses, computers and new software are being used to learn different technologies in any field, by teaching using computers, students can do things creatively with visualization. can teach. When computers are used in the classroom, creativity and imagination increase in the mind of the students.

Business Sector :

In today’s date, no business can be thought of without a computer. Initially, when the use of computer started, the computer was considered as the only support system for business but now business operations cannot be performed without computer. Today the entire business is managed and controlled from the computer itself. Businesses and companies do marketing, business planning, customer data storage, inventory, accounting, communication, banking, transactions etc. with the help of computers.

Banking sector :

The dependence on the bank is also huge with the speed with which everything has been commercialized in the whole world, but the bank has fully cooperated in this commercialization by upgrading itself. Today, using computers in the bank, you can transfer money sitting at home, you can get money from anyone, even if you want to withdraw money without going to the bank, you can also withdraw money from ATM near your home.

Entertainment field :

Ever since the use of computers is big, since then they are being used a lot in the entertainment industry along with other fields. In the entertainment industry, whether it is movies or computer games, computers are useful everywhere. By using computer the best animation effects can be created which are used in movies.

Defence Sector :

The computer is used in all filed but since computerization has happened in defense, the power of defense has increased a lot. In defense, along with controlling UAVs, air-crafts, missiles, computers are also being used a lot to find out the exact location of the enemy. History and Invention of computer technology

Names of Previous History and Invention of computer :

Mark-1 Computer (1937-44) :

Howard University’s Dr. Howard A. Aikin (Dr. Howard A. Aikin) developed an automatic calculating machine in collaboration with IBM. Whose official name was named Automatic Sequence Controlled Calculator. But later its name became Mark-1.

It was the world’s first electromechanical computer. Because it had both electrical and mechanical equipment. This computer was extremely large in size and quite complex in design. Also it was about 50 feet long and 8 feet high.


The full name of ENIAC computer is Electronic Numerical Integrator and Calculator. This computer was built in 1940 for the use of the United States Army.

It was a huge computer. In this 18 thousand Vaccum Tubes were used. This computer was used in the United States Army until 1955.

Universal Automatic Computer (UNIVAC):

This computer was developed between 1946 and 1951 by Eckert and Mauchly for commercial applications in their organization. But very soon it proved useless.

First Mini Computer
In 1965, the first Mini Computer was developed by Digital Equipment Corporation. DEC was the largest producer of minicomputers. These were small, cheap and less space consuming computers.

the History and Invention of computer technology with its uses for daily and future life.

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